Turned into fearfulness 

Negative chaos stirs up and cultivates uncertainty in the most unimaginable ways. My life is despondent over the trail of lies made up and told about me over the last few weeks. I am dealing with an overabundance of anger, sadness and fear at the fact someone would stoop so low as to do this, and this is just not any anyone.

I can’t even begin to fathom the insanity of the person who did this, certainly he must be crazy and immoral, more than I ever realized. One would have to be to display this type of demented behavior on this grand scale. Believe me what is happening in my life is no trivial and not small potatoes. I wish it was.

The vindictive nature of some people, willing to pull in and use others for gain, I just don’t get it. The actions he carried out are so unthinkable I cannot even begin to understand how I married him or how now he isn’t seen by his girlfriend.

I have a finite ability which has been reached to turn the other cheek and move on. There is no doubt about it line was crossed, and it is not ok, morally, ethically, emotionally or humanly.

I wonder how, how could anyone be so heinous a person? What is their drive to not be a good person? Don’t they feel, well bad about who they are?

I’m dealing with unimaginable pain and betrayal. I cannot with good faith trust anything about this person ever again nor will I. I do not put anything past him and know he is evil in the purest form. May his girlfriend be safe as she has no idea who he is or the awful things he can do.

As I said before, he follow my old blog, where my good work has been.  With all this dramatic and stressful stalking he has done, I’m not able to write freely- it sucks. By no means am I a phenomenal writer, but I did have a developing voice, was building a reputation, now I feel jaundice and it shows in my writing.  


Author: Blue Moon

Working on improving my writing

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