Deceit the Ultimate Game 

I woke late, considerably late but not due to choice of wanting to wake. My eyes crusted over from boughs of endless crying over the last two weeks, a heavy heart over the continued  turn of events my ex husband set in motion by a series of carefully orchestrated incidences and maneuvers due to out right lies. 

Looking over the divorce decree, just finalized on August 10, it was clear this was a vendetta aimed at me and me alone. I was awarded a small amount of child support and reimbursement for half the cost of the children’s health insurance and medical costs in addition I was to be the custodial parent, (as I have always been the predominate parent), he had limited visits.

Somehow he was able to manipulate the entire system set in place for our protection and ultimately managed to file a completely false restraining order, taking my daughter from my care. She suffers from sever emotional issues, he is aware of her diagnosis’s and I know he used her condition to get his way.

As I sob I am struck with the irony of how our system is to bring the unjust into light and hold them accountable for their actions. This is not the case in this situation, as my daughter is the one was used, all to hurt me to get his way. He wants to not have to pay anything as was stated in his response during our divorce. Now the burden of proof is on me to prove my innocents over the allegations. On top of it, they way he works I’m pretty sure my daughter no longer loves me or trust me, as he has turned her against me I’m sure.

I know I am innocent, however the issue is I am not able to find a lawyer. Why? Somehow even with his livable income he qualified for free representation. I do not make a livable income, and the only place that would help me can’t because they are helping him. There are 9 days until court and I, who am completely innocent cannot seem to get any help.

I’m hardly able to believe how someone who manipulates and lies somehow has the upper hand over control on what will happen. I am in a state of despair over his deceptive skills and

I’m extremely worried over this, it was 12 days from the divorce when he fabricated and made his moves to start to move forward with his ultimate plan.

How does one stop a person like this? Really?


Author: Blue Moon

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13 thoughts on “Deceit the Ultimate Game ”

  1. Find the help! The place helping him should be able to tell you of others; there are women’s org’s, shelters, places to go – call them, ask for them, go there! manipulator’s abound, and this is the chance you get to unwrap from those tentacles.

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      1. I don’t know where you live [city] but there must be a way – is there anyone out there who can help? Google where to get help with a bad divorce with your city at the end – look them up, check what they can do; then do a search on how to get free representation for bad divorce, etc.

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      2. I’ve done all that. I even started a go fund me page and he reported it. I have reached out to anyone and everyone and I can’t seem to find anyone who can help me. You cannot imagine how unbelievably frustrated, sad and hopeless I feel.

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      3. The most important thing, though, is to be (and speak) calm and logical. That may be the most important of all, because once we lose perspective, people become afraid of us. Which means they use excuses to not help. use logic, write it down, list the issues and needs – leave him out of it, except as ‘the husband’ – you need your mind to be at its peak, not under the strain of his manipulation. Let it [the manipulation and its effect] go.

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      4. I reference him by his full name. If you could see my messages to him there was nothing but calmness and Non engaging behavior even when he attacked me. I just don’t know how someone can lie and get away with it, yet I’m honest and I’m vilified

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      5. It’s true, and life is not fair, but there are ways to defeat them – it does take help, the right help, and the right attitude. I don’t know who you can go to, who you can ask, but there will be someone, even if you go to a family services lawyer and offer a pay-by-week schedule for services rendered. or offer to work part-time. or …
        Only you can make the choices, but I’m pleased that you can be calm in this. I recommend referring to him by Mr. Name. Distinctively removed from in the emotional sense.
        I can only wish you a journey that eventually ends with a clean break, and not a broken life.

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      6. In the area I live in lawyers won’t do that and I need someone who can stand up to his manipulation. I have called and called. I’m not calm, I’ve cried non stop for days. I’m so angry no one would listen to me about how he was. He has his girl friend who should have no contact with her being her mother. I hate him and her.

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      7. Is there a university? Where I live, the uni will send a near-graduate to assist with these matters, to cases they feel are within the scope.
        Can you leave where you are? Or look for lawyers from a different city? Find a women’s refuge who can offer the name of a firm or person?

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      8. Shit. Repeat. Shit.
        I don’t know what to say. I’d highly recommend finding a new town, a new city, a new life. Walk away before it kills you. Ensure you keep writing it all down, so when your daughter comes looking for you (they always do, eventually) she’ll see what you went through.

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